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This procedure will destroy Everything on your Hard Drive. This procedure should never be used on a Live Production System. This should be used on a fresh empty server. LusoVPS isn't responsable for any problem arising from the usage of this tutorial. Use it at your own risk.

This is an example how to install Windows on our system. We will be using Windows 2008 but this may apply to any other.

First, login at our Management Portal: The details to login are available on the email with your product details.

Click on Settings Tab and make sure that you have your management page like this:

Management General Page

Next, click on the CDRom Tab and make sure you have your management page like this:

Management CDRom Page

After everything is ok, click on the General Settings, and then press Reboot.

Reboot the VPS

Now, click on the VNC button to open a VNC session. A new window will popup. Make sure that you have the popup blocker disabled for the management website. Also, make sure that you have the latest Java version installed, so that this procedure will work without any issue.

Once the VNC session is up, this is what you'll see:

Click Next

After pressing Next, you'll see the following screen. Press 'Install' to begin the setup

Click Install

Choose the Windows Version you would like to install. Remember to check that you have a serial that fits on what you're installing. For the sake of this tutorial, we choose the first option.

Select Windows Version

Now it's time to accept the license terms. Don't forget to read them :)

Accept License Terms

To start a clean setup, you need to choose the Custom (Advanced) option.

Click Custom (Advanced)

Partition your disk the way you want. In this example we will be installing without any extra partition.

Partition the Hard Drive

But you can add as many partitions as you'd like (as long as you have disk space available)

Personalize your partition size and Apply

After everything is done, Windows will start by installing itself.

Windows copying files

And eventually it will end, and reboot automatically:)

Windows finishing setup

When the VPS is rebooting, don't let it get on the setup again. Simply ignore the "Press any key to begin setup". The following screen will show up:

Setup Preparing Windows

The first thing that Windows will do, is ask for an Administrator password. The complexity of this password is by default with number, letters and complex characters (like # or !) For example, a good password would be PleaseChangeThis911!. Don't use this password since this is a dictionary password and hackers might get a hold on your VPS.

Input Administrator Password

And there you go. Your Password has been changed.

Password changed

Your Windows setup is now complete.

Windows Setup Complete

Now install the GPLPV Drivers. Follow this link:

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