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What is CPU Fair Usage Policy? Well, let me explain you.

Each VPS is given "fair-share" CPU usage on the server and CPUs sits idle in most cases. Each VPS has access to several vCPU (depending on your plan) and can use the full processing power as and when required. Since you're sharing the CPUs with other clients on the same node, we have a fair share usage policy. If your VPS happens to cause issues to other clients on the node, we will perform the following steps:

1 - We will power down the VPS.Insert non-formatted text here

-If the CPU usage keeps high, then

2 - We will drop the CPU count to 1

-If the CPU usage keeps high, then

3 - We will suspend the VPS and notify you to perform the necessary changes.

-If the CPU usage keeps high, then

4 - We will terminate the VPS without refund. This is an extreme action that we know that it won't ever happen :)

To restore the full CPU cores, we will have to make sure that your VPS does not have high CPU usage, meaning that the VPS will stay with 1 CPU core, and after a few days of monitoring, we will restore the CPU count once again.

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